Automatically quantify and convert insights and opportunities into revenue.

Driving accountability and collaboration


Collaborative opportunity management


Insight to ACTIONABLE opportunities

RevOps converts the insights traditionally found in your BI-tool into actionable opportunities.

The platform drives accountability and colaboration in achieving revenue opportunities.


Core features

Live revenue opportunities

RevOps allows for the immediate resolution of opportunities in the near or predicted future that would have otherwise likely been noticed a week in arrears.

Accountabilty driving action

Revenue opportunities auto-assigned to enabled individuals, provided with the information required to make change. The changes tracked and measured in terms of opportunity gained per party.

Linked to business KPIs

RevOps allows for tailored opportunity-type creation per individual or business unit that alligns with their KPIs or achievables for the quarter.

Examples of RevOps in Formal retail and Distribution

Items absent in store or de-ranged.

Items with a low rate of sale

Outliers from sales trends

ROS ≠ restock frequency

Store late to promotion

Ranged, no sales


KVI ranging exceptions

Shift in cost per pallet

High profit item in decline

Danger stock levels

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