Actioning insights

Data automatically mined and understood. Translated into monetary based, ACTIONABLE revenue opportunities.

Moving beyond analytics


Step 1: Build a base

Consolidate and match different data sources to form one robust source of truth to work from. Automatically, ingest, cleanse and consolidate large data sets.

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Step 2: Bring action to your BI process

Quantified revenue opportunities are delivered on a personalised action board. The most profitable revenue opportunities delivered daily.


Step 3: Provide additional insight into your data

Advanced analytics developed to provide immediate insghts to users. Handle enterprise scale datasets, maintain simplicity for the end users, providing an all in one solution.



Opportunities at your fingertips

All the insghts from your BI-tool, summed up. We deliver prioritised revenue opportunities as and when they occur to the team or individual that can action them.

Revenue growth

Actioned revenue opportunities inadvertently lead to revenue growth and value chain effeciency.

The opportunities that are presented are ones that would previosuly go unnoticed until a savvy BI-team member picks them up at the end of the week.

Improved internal efficiencies

RevOps host of revenue opportunity types mean that we can align points of failure directly to a potential revenue opportunity, this starts a problem solving behavioural change and focuses attention to where it matters most.

Insights for the week: Wutow Trading

Executive Management now has access to review the business at a granular level at any point in time, as a strategic tool this is invaluable.

The Cognizance dashboards freed up our senior resources and gave Sales Managers the ability to highlight the current performance on a granular level to be able to swiftly amend the current strategy to best capitalize on the identified growth opportunity.

Wutow Trading

Wutow managing director

Increased service levels to trade which leads to an increase in turnover & customer satisfaction and improved working capital management.

With a live view of both current and forecasted future stockholding the sales force can better plan and implement ad hoc promotional activities based on the stock available while providing Management insight into stock holding, and stock health of the business. The sales teams has real time visibility into stock holding. The Client having access to the live stock dashboard also has a view of their current stock within our warehouse. This avoids continuous challenges with regard to Client queries focused on demand planning and stock holding.

Wutow Trading

Sales director

Highlighting margin erosion and identifying underlying drivers

Total business performance is visible on a profitability dashboard by Client, Division, Category and sku. These metrics are measured versus previous periods. Margins and costs can also be tracked on a sku level. Costs are easily identified by region and town to specifically form a commercial argument with the Client in terms of required margin adjustments.

Wutow Trading

Wutow managing director

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