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What is Cognizance

Cognizance is a cross-platform retail analysis platform, utilising physical execution metrics, digital and historical data to provide accurate retail measurements and predictions of each aspect of the retail chain.

Cognizance is structured as a SaaS platform with advanced Image Recognition paired with deep learning to detect, classify and provide clear cut, relevant analytics on the products it identifies. This classification takes into regard the situational context of the recognition session; ie: planogram, fridge cooler or shelf to name a few. Cognizance uses the Image Recognition results as a real-life metric and compares the results to real-time and historical epos data to provide a detailed picture of your retail operation.

Why not only use point of sale data

The problem is, Point-of-Sale data (PoS) alone does not reflect consumer behaviour at the retail level. A lot can happen between the distribution centre and the shelf.

Relying on PoS data doesn’t give brands an up-to-date grasp of issues like misplaced products, empty spaces, non price compliant products and out of stocks that may be turning away potential clients.

The short falls of manual audits

Manual audits remain costly, time consuming and inaccurate. Field sales teams end up spending more time auditing the store instead of focusing on selling, merchandising and relationship building.

Manual audits seldom give a daily view of what is happening on the ground and does not allow for a non intrusive customer experience during peak operating hours.


Image analysis explained

Cognizance image recognition

Cognizance makes use of a proprietary image recognition platform created by the Cognizance data science team.

The focus of the Cognizance image recognition platform is to ensure that Cognizance has the ability to distinguish between small variations in product sku’s to ensure a high level of accuracy when classifying products.

An image of the product display to be analysed is taken. This image is then analysed and divided into different regions to be identified.
The Cognizance image recognition platform can identify the following:

  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Voids


An overview of the Cognizance mobile Android application.

Image & Video capturing technology

The mobile app allows users to take either images or a video of a drop. The uploaded media is then processed by the Cognizance backend in the cloud.

Geo locationing

Geofences are created around stores/ outlets scheduled to be visited via the users call cycle.

Offline Sync

Cognizance offers full ofline support. All visits recorded ofline are synced up to the cloud once the user establishes a stable network connection.

Mobile Reporting

After media has been uploaded, within a 4 minute timeframe results are sent back to the mobile app. A push notification appears and allows the user to view reports on the visit that was just completed.


Web Dashboard

An overview of the features available on the Cognizance web dashboard.

Planogram Compliance

Cognizance has the ability to measure planogram compliance down to the sku level.

Price Compliance

Pricing on shelf is read and can provide price compliance reporting.

Void Detection

Cognizance identifies voids on shelf and maps this to out of stock reporting.

Point of sale data analysis

Provides reporting on sales, stock requirements forecasting and trends.

Product Labelling & training

Cognizance has a product labelling tool that can be used to label new products for training into the system.

Interactive Reporting

All of the reporting offered on Cognizance is interactive and allow users to drill down to a granular level of reporting, right down to the sku level.

Trend Analysis

An overview of the features available on the Cognizance web dashboard.

Sales Forecasting

By using historical data the Cognizance platform is able to provide sales forecasts.

These forecasts enable our clients to understand what products sell better at given periods throughout the year and lead to more successful promotional campaigns.

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